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Volunteering with PFNZ

As a PFNZ Volunteer you would work as part of a local dynamic ‘cluster’ of volunteers, networking and supporting each other in the work. We can offer you many and varied opportunities, whether you want to work administratively, or with families, prisoners, ex-prisoners or all of them; whether you have two hours a week or twenty!

There is room for everyone. More than that, it’s your presence that makes us whole. Whatever your history, you’re not just included – you’re welcome.

Volunteer Experiences

Chloe’s Story

I heard about PFNZ through someone I know who had volunteered and thought why not, I was given an opportunity to work at a children’s camp as a leader of small group of kids. It was challenging seeing and hearing about the horrible things that were happening in the kids lives, it was really difficult yet made me more purposed in doing what I could. At Camp it was excellent seeing them having an awesome time with all the activities and seeing all their needs met in a safe environment that was so cool.

It was pretty exiting working with PFNZ, nothing was a hassle it was more of a privilege actually and I felt like God was really using me and that I could use my sporting skills to contribute.

Judy’s Story

I had volunteered and done some paid work for PF for five years, largely recruiting volunteers in the Hutt Valley and coordinating the BreakFree operations. A Cluster Coordinator position became available and I jumped at the opportunity. It is such a privilege to meet up with potential volunteers as they all come with amazing experiences and a heart for working with released prisoners and their families.This position is part of the ‘new look’ PF where staff and volunteers from each arm of PF come together as one family. Instead of operating in silos we now know what the other sections are doing through a monthly newsletter and this gives everyone the opportunity to join in activities that they were not previously able to do.

Richard’s Story

I heard about PFNZ through church when a speaker came and shared and I thought I would give it go. I have volunteered for over 3 years now and It has been lots of laughs and lots of tears. I remember thinking can I actually do this work with children, are they going to listen to me? One of the hardest things working with children is when the camp or event is finished.

The first camp I did all of the boys didn’t want to leave and they were crying in the van on the way home. You know you have done something right when you get that response.  I have also met lots of other friends who have volunteered even some of mine. I can honestly say I know I grew lots and learned lots working with PFNZ.

Your story!

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PFNZ and you

Throughout the country we strive to ensure our volunteer family is welcomed, supported, appreciated and recognised.
When you become a part of our PFNZ family you can be assured that our introduction process is simple, straightforward and painless! You will be trained for the role(s) in which you volunteer, and training will be updated, relevant and delivered accordingly during your time with us. We support our volunteers in various ways through training, regular updates through various communication tools, monthly support meetings and various volunteer events.
You will have the opportunity to enjoy connecting with the rest of the PFNZ family and you will reap the rewards of your commitment to our mission, while being valued and appreciated.

We would love you to volunteer with us.

Available Opportunities
  • Area Cluster Coordinator
  • Family Support Person
  • Angel Tree Family Events Coordinator or helper
  • Technical support – Facebook, Website, or Database
  • Prisoner Interviewer

  • Post Release support

  • BreakFree Post Release support
  • Volunteer Training Development
  • Administration – general
  • Angel Tree Christmas – Area or church/parish coordination