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Volunteering with PFNZ

PFNZ’s volunteers seek to work with some of the most marginalised and rejected in our communities: Those who are seeking to re-establish themselves in the community after a prison sentence, and the children of prisoners and their families, so often excluded, stigmatised, or reluctant to come out of the shadows.

We know that, without support, the children of prisoners are at least seven times more likely than their peers to be imprisoned themselves. We operate without judgement and without agendas.

Network of Volunteers

Clusters of highly trained and motivated volunteers working across the country.

Serving the Church

Serving the local church in any area it is working with prisoners and their families.

Holistic Approach

Supporting prisoners and their families through Prison Fellowship programmes.

Partnership & Collaboration

Strategic partnerships with other organisations working in this area of expertise.

Volunteer structure

PFNZ is working within a new ‘cluster’ based volunteer structure throughout the country. The clusters represent the PFNZ ‘family’ in an area and look to be dynamic, flexible, responsive connecters of volunteers with needs and opportunities, and with each other. We recognise there is no great appetite, or need, these days for people to ‘join’ organisations with all the baggage that brings. We also aim to develop the capacity to offer support to other organisations seeking to serve in these areas.


We would love you to volunteer with us.

Here are just some of the opportunities available.
Where funding permits, we look to provide support for travel and other incurred expenses. Full training will be given where necessary. Reference checks and, in some cases, police vetting is required.
  • Area Cluster Coordinator
  • Family Support Person
  • Angel Tree Family Events Coordinator or helper
  • Technical support – Facebook, Website, or Database
  • Whanau Link Prisoner Interviewer
  • Whanau Link Post Release support
  • BreakFree Post Release support
  • Volunteer Training Development
  • Administration – general
  • Angel Tree Christmas – Area or church/parish coordination