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Our Vision

A reconciling community of restoration for all involved in or affected by crime, thereby proclaiming and demonstrating the redemptive restorative justice and the transforming power of Jesus Christ for all people.

Our Mission

To engage, exhort, support and encourage the church, and the wider community, in seeking restoration, reconciliation and healing in response to crime.

Our Logo Story

A waka, and the phrase “He Waka eke noa”, a Maori proverb meaning “a waka we are all in with no exception” or “We are all in this together”. PFNZ seeks to work in a non-judgmental way with all who seek our support.: No-one is left out of the boat! Everyone’s included! And no-one’s presence is a problem. We are all in the waka of Life. Together!

The illustration depicts a waka on a river; the twin lines representing our Break Free work with prisoners and our Angel Tree initiatives with their children and families.

The logo also uses the bruised reed, maintaining our link with the PF international family. The reed represents Jesus, recalling Isaiah 42.3 “A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out. In faithfulness he will bring forth justice.”

In combination, the two symbols remind us that while society may cast aside those people it deems useless and unworthy, God continues to pursue them with God’s steadfast love, offering restoration, healing and inclusion, and that we are invited to do the same.

Our tag-line picks up the same thought: Life. Together.

Let’s welcome and include, restore and connect, do Life. Together.