Tōku Korowai


‘‘The most vulnerable children have a tough time, and what we want more than anything for them is a safe, strong future. We also know what a difference a positive adult role model can make as young people are growing up. Mentoring can give them new and positive life experiences.’

(White Paper for Vulnerable Children, Volume One, 2012, p.22)

Programme overview

  • Programme for children and youth who have a parent in prison.
  • Piloted in Auckland.
  • Young people aged 11 – 14 for the pilot programme.

Key components

  • Three core elements: one-to-one mentoring, weekly group, camping.
  • One-to-one mentoring for 32 young people delivered in partnership with Brothers in Arms Youth Mentoring. Mentoring provided by vetted and trained volunteers and overseen by Mentoring Coordinator employed by PFNZ, using BIA guidelines and expertise.
  • Weekly groups cover a programme based on identity, belonging, self-esteem, culture, and faith. Four groups of eight in the first year pilot (two boys groups and two girls groups). Groups delivered by a mix of staff and trained volunteers.
  • Camping programme including financial support to attend quarterly camps in collaboration with established camping providers (Christian Bible Ministries – Camp Raglan). Partnership with Wild Man NZ to attend parent/child bonding camping experiences post-release.
  • Graduation of first year on a marae.

‘While it is important to acknowledge the challenges some youth face… with the right tools and nurturing environments, all youth have the ability to direct their lives in a positive way.’ 

(S Farrugia et al., ‘The Effectiveness of Youth Mentoring Programmes in New Zealand’, New Zealand Journal of Psychology, 40 (3), 2011, p.52)