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Four Pillars

Forward strategy incorporates four key commitments

The first, and the key innovation, is to relaunch PFNZ as a network of volunteer ‘clusters’ in towns and cities throughout the nation. Clusters will represent the PFNZ ‘family’ in an area and pull together all our volunteers, whichever area of PFNZ work they are involved in. More on this later.

Secondly, we re-commit to serve the church wherever it is involved in ministry to prisoners and their families. This is not about a desire to impose a PFNZ brand on such ministries. Rather, we want to express our heartfelt desire to meet the needs of those involved in supporting prisoners and their families, whatever those needs may be. We know that many people and ministries struggle as they seek to provide support. We envisage needs as simple as ’connection’ – who else is doing this work around here? But we want also to make our extensive experience and training resources easily and simply (and digitally) available and perhaps we will see a return of the PFNZ conference, regionally or nationally, focused as a practical, spiritual and emotional support for volunteers in this space, whether affiliated with PFNZ or not.

Thirdly, our focus on prisoners, former prisoners, the children of prisoners and their family will not change. Notwithstanding recent funding changes, we want to maintain an holistic ministry across all these areas. So we see ourselves continuing our ‘BreakFree’ activities in support of prisoners; whether on release, or in support of the chaplaincy or prison visiting and hopefully through a resurgent Sycamore Tree restorative programme. Our Angel Tree Family Care label continues to incorporate the successful Christmas gift programme but also our evolving strategies to work alongside these families year-round through camps and seminars, events afternoons, Christmas meals and dedicated through-the-year practical and emotional support to struggling kids and families.

Fourthly, we commit to continuing our focus on collaboration and partnership. The prison chaplaincy remains central here but we work with many other churches and organisations, mostly Christian and also secular, in partnering to deliver services to those with whom we journey. That will continue and hopefully grow further in the future.