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  • Unity in Christ

We value our unity in Christ and respect the diversity of traditions, history, and culture.

Principle 1: Christ Centred
We seek to love Christ and one another and to serve Him – demonstrating His reconciling love for all people.
Principle 2: Common Basis of Belief
We are committed to the historic orthodox Christian truths revealed in Scripture as proclaimed by the Church through the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds.
Principle 3: Trans-denominational
We are committed to living and working in unity as Christians of diverse ecclesiastical traditions, forms and expressions.
Principle 4: Church Focused
We seek to support the whole Church globally, nationally and locally in its mission and ministry in criminal justice.

  • Global Partnership

We value our partnership in mission among Christians and Christian groups.

Principle 5: Indigenous Base
We are a community or fellowship of national organisations grounded in indigenous leadership, national funding, and common ministry vision and focus.
Principle 6: Global Cooperation
We promote global cooperation with the skills and resources of other organisations and groups in order to maintain effective ministry efforts over time.
Principle 7: Mutual Accountability
As stewards of human and financial resources, we measure our ministry efforts against our mission and concrete performance criteria.
Principle 8: Open Integrity
We are committed to conducting our ministry and ourselves transparently and ethically.

  • Ministry Through Service

We value ministry concretely expressed through service to others.

Principle 9: Volunteer Based
We are a community of volunteers working together to serve Christ within the criminal justice arena.
Principle 10: Culturally Relevant
We are committed to ministry efforts which share a common mission focus while reflecting the unique cultural context of the communities in which the ministry takes place.
Principle 11: Person Focused
We focus our ministry on caring for people involved in and affected by crime, in the name of Christ.

  • Commitment to Te Tiriti O Waitangi

Principle 12: Commitment to Covenant
We regard the Treaty of Waitangi as a sacred covenant between Iwi, Maori and the Crown. As the spiritual descendants of those Christians who assisted the Crown to forge the covenant, we will support and uphold the Treaty of Waitangi’s provisions and principles of partnership, proactive protection of Maori interests, co-operation and utmost good faith. These principles will be implicit in the way we respond to the needs of Maori prisoners, victims and volunteers.