Ngā Manu Rere


‘When a loved one is imprisoned, the spouse tends to suffer greatly. Wives and mothers often isolate themselves because of a sense of shame. Support groups offer a safe place for them to express their feelings without feeling judged. They also provide a platform for social activities and group counselling sessions.’

(‘Caring for Prisoners’ Families’, Footsteps: Tearfund publication, 2018, issue 104, p.9)

Programme overview

  • Programme for women who have either been incarcerated or have a partner in prison.
  • Six month programme consisting of weekly group sessions and individual counselling/therapy as needed.

Key components

  • Build on existing programmes delivered to women inside prison.
  • Weekly programme of 4 hours.
  • Programme delivered by PFNZ staff in collaboration with Tree of Life.
  • Programme based on two main components – 12 weeks Tree of Life (empowerment, identity and belonging) and 12 weeks PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows) with Hope goal-setting.
  • Elements of life skills, well-being and meeting holistic needs built into the programme, including provision of Kete Aroha to women on release from prison – pack that contains toiletries, underwear, basic clothing, journal.
  • Graduation of six month programme on a marae.