He Korowai Whakapono

PFNZ programmes:

He Korowai Whakapono (THE CLOAK OF FAITH)

Awhi Mai, Awhi Atu

RECIPROCITY – we are doing this together, we both have ‘skin in the game’, a reintegration programme for people who have been in prison.

Ngā Manu Rere

BIRDS THAT FLY – women who have been in prison supporting others to fly.

Tōku Korowai

Gathering ‘weavers’ around our young people to weave MY CLOAK OF PROTECTION AND STRENGTH.

He iti, He pounamu

ALTHOUGH IT IS SMALL, IT IS PRECIOUS – a programme for 0-5 year olds.

Angel Tree Aotearoa

ANGEL TREE CHRISTMAS GIFTS, back to school packs, children’s camps, whanau/family camps, shared meals.

The story below is about one whānau/family that PFNZ journeyed with:

The whanau/family is led by a staunch hardworking woman called Toni*, who does not think very much of herself – she is actually awesome! We will mentor her to complete her Bachelor of Nursing (which she has currently put on hold).

  • She has raised 19 children (1 biological).
  • All of the children have a parent in prison.
  • One child (male 12-year-old) with beautiful eyes, a definite curiosity and a lovely smile has Dad in prison, Mum committed suicide last year, his sister is in a youth mental health ward on suicide watch, and his cousins were beaten to death. His anxiety/ inability to verbalise his pain led him to punch the TV and to lash out in anger. He has been on Tōku Korowai (PFNZ) for two months. The team tells me that he never smiled, always had to look staunch. Now he smiles and talks
    about education being the key for his life.
  • The house is humble, modest, tidy and clean (albeit cold).
  • The aspirations of Toni are high; she told me that attending camp with her children has changed her life. Now she realises that her children need her to spend more time with them.
  • The whānau/family now picnics at a local park every Saturday.
* Name changed to protect her privacy