God of the Impossible

//God of the Impossible

God of the Impossible

March 24, 2016 | Phillipa Wells
One of the mum’s who had struggled to join in ATFC because CYFS had taken her children away and she thought it was weird coming to things without children. We allowed her to come in a capacity where she helped. Soko another Angel Tree Familycare worker spent some time with her and the focus was for her children to be returned to her, however, she wasn’t willing to do what CYFS asked which was to have nothing to do with her husband. I had met ‘mum’ on and off.

Then one day I spotted this ‘mum’ at a women’s meeting at our church and realized she was the same person a friend of mine had been talking about. My friend had been so disappointed and wanted to fix this mum. ‘Mum’ came to our Life Group one night and man we just hit it off. I loved her honesty to the group. Then she shared privately with me that her dream was to have her husband and her children back under the same roof as her. He had done time for domestic violence and the children were removed for their safety on his release because he would go round to the house. ‘Mum’ shared how everyone was against her dream and insisted she had to give up on her husband. I sensed a stirring in my spirit and we prayed together. I encouraged her not to give up on her dream because we serve the God of the impossible.

The next week my friend was being very negative and was one who was saying, ‘She should never have met that man. She was so happy before and strong in God and this man made her walk away from God.’ I had a number of internal battles as to whether I was mad sticking out on a limb and believing for something everyone else was against. Soko was of great encouragement because she too believes the God of the impossible.

In the meantime, this ‘mum’ chose to submit to her husband, who wasn’t living with her, and go to a church he had started to go to with him. It wasn’t the type of church she would have chosen. In this church they have both received love, acceptance and support without the judgment. With the support the husband got he stopped going round to the house and started complying and then ‘mum’s support increased through the church. This moved to ‘mum’ being allowed one child to stay a week with her over the Christmas break and go to church with her, where her husband was so long as there was somebody supervising.

Today she shared with Soko and I that her husband and one child are now living under her roof with full approval of CYSFS and CYFS are now making the move to get her other two children back.

Very few people believed this could happen but ‘mum’ never gave up and she has seen how God can come through!

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  1. Sylvia Weinberg June 27, 2018 at 2:18 am - Reply

    Hello there, Is their any information available on how your volunteers relate to Prisoners, training etc, . Any books that you might recommend on one on one with prisoners. And any success stories to report

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