PFNZ Volunteers – Frequently asked questions

What experience/skills must I have to start?
There is not any specific skill/experiences one must have to start with. We are looking for qualities such as empathy, understanding, common sense, patience, flexibility and resilience.

What training is given?
PFNZ has mandatory Volunteer training and further training specific to volunteer roles – all designed to keep everyone safe and educated.

How would I be supported as a volunteer?
PFNZ supports our volunteers through training, regular communication in the form of social media, volunteer meetings, phone calls, newsletters and get togethers.

Do I have to be a Christian and/or attend Church to be involved?
No. While PFNZ is a Christian based organisation, we welcome anyone with a heart for this work – together we can make big changes.

Can I volunteer in multiple roles?
Yes, the beauty of the PFNZ cluster system is that it enables all volunteers to be involved in as many or as few voluntary roles they would like.

I have criminal convictions, but want to volunteer, am I able?
We welcome applications to volunteer from everyone, each person’s background is looked at on a case by case scenario, if necessary, and is at the discretion of the PFNZ National Director.

I don’t have much time to offer, would you still want me?
Yes. We have volunteers who give PFNZ 1hr a week of their time, and some who give multiple hours, it really is up to you as to how much time you want to give.

How much travel would I need to do?
This depends on your role and where we are in your local community, but we strive to not have our volunteers travelling too far. Audio Visual Links are becoming a regular feature, however, PFNZ can reimburse a few travel expenses, if funds permit.