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Prison Fellowship New Zealand could not run without the support of our generous donors. We are blessed in that our funding comes from a wide range of sources including philanthropic trusts, large and small. We also receive some funding from the Department of Corrections. But we are also tremendously encouraged by the many personal donors who give, occasionally and regularly, to our work. We regard all our donors and funders as part of the PFNZ family and we are profoundly grateful for your prayers and moral support, as well as your financial contribution.

Most of the money given to run the ministry assists Prison Fellowship to support volunteers across the nation, to meet infrastructure costs, and to subside and support our programs, all of which require funding additional to that provided by government.

Join with us in our vision to make a difference, a difference in the lives of offenders, the victims, their families. Most importantly, a difference in the lives of those New Zealanders who want to walk our land in freedom and without fear.

Core PFNZ infrastructure

We do need funding for the core PFNZ infrastructure, which is lean and efficient. However, as we re-focus and re-launch our volunteer networks across the country, our principle need is funding to meet volunteer expenses, especially for travel and communications and to meet the many and various needs we encounter among the children and families we support. And we hope soon to be seeking financial partners to support our new restorative justice programme.

You can support Prison Fellowship through;

  • Prayer
  • Volunteering
  • Financial Support