To develop organic and fluid clusters

Establishing a sense of family. We seek to develop regional/area clusters that are organic and fluid, that seek less to establish ‘membership’ and more to train, equip, support and link for relationship and service.

We seek to establish a sense of the PFNZ ‘family’ in an area. People’s gifting and calling will differ – we won’t need everybody to do everything; we want to celebrate a diversity of contribution and recognise everyone working in this space as friends and collaborators. We seek the capacity, across the country, to quickly link new volunteers to the existing ‘team’ and provide opportunities to serve.

We want to more appropriately use virtual spaces, including Facebook, a revamped PFNZ website, on-line newsletters and other developing-line tools – national and local – to communicate, to link, to create sharing and training spaces and to promulgate needs and opportunities to serve, either individually or collectively. The emphasis will be on connection as appropriate, and plenty of inclusive local celebrations and social events rather than a regular meeting schedule.


We’re seeking passionate people keen to establish clusters throughout the country. In some places, existing ‘Regional Committees’ or Angel Tree volunteers would form the backbone of the new arrangement. In others, we’d be starting from scratch. We don’t want to impose a straight-jacket but key roles in each place – which may not always be different people – will be an;

  • Area Coordinator – welcoming, networking, equipping and connecting to needs.
  • Angel Tree Coordinator – coordinating our children’s and families’ ministries.
  • BreakFree coordinator – focused on the prison and reintegration side of the Ministry and the needs it generates.

In the short term, the priority is resourcing the new ‘Whanau Link’ programme. We are seeking to identify and train pre-release prisoner interviewers and post-release prisoner and family support volunteers.


What kind of volunteers are you looking for?

Your kind! Mostly, we’re about ordinary people helping people. Can you drive? Be there for a prisoner on release? Get alongside a struggling caregiver? Become a kids camp volunteer? Contribute marketing or IT skills? Coordinate Angel Tree Christmas in your church or area? Assist prison church services? Welcoming? Assist with administration, volunteer processing? Coordinate a cluster?

What’s an area?

Whatever makes sense! In Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch there’s likely to be more than one. Smaller towns or regions with a strong sense of local community, or with a connection to a particular prison, will likely map straight on to a cluster.

There is an application process. For some roles we have specific training and/or Police vetting is required. And we look for people with a heart to serve, not proselytise.