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PFNZ seeks to provide support to prisoners though our network of community volunteers. Break Free is the arm of PFNZ that focuses on support of prisoner; sometimes within the prisons in support of the Prison Chaplaincy but now more commonly in the community; our volunteers provide reintegration support to prisoners planning, or following, release.

Our new Whānau Link  service aims to help mums and dads who have been released from prison in reuniting with their children, their wider families and their community.

But we also continue to provide our traditional group-based support (BreakFree Community) to prisoners without any community networks and we are developing a new restorative programme for in-prison use.

And if you’re a church, parish or individual struggling to support a released offender, get in touch.  We’d love to be able to help.

Network of Volunteers

Clusters of highly trained and motivated volunteers working across the country.

Serving the Church

Serving the local church in any area it is working with prisoners and their families.

Holistic Approach

Supporting prisoners and their families through Prison Fellowship programmes.

Partnership & Collaboration

Strategic partnerships with other organisations working in this area of expertise.


Break Free’s focus is the support of prisoners and ex-prisoners.

These days, this mostly involves supporting offenders’ release into the community , restoring relationship and thereby helping reduce re-offending and victimisation. We work alongside contracted Corrections reintegration providers, and with offenders who have no other support whatsoever. Our focus is on providing community support (friends in the community) and encouraging health and spirituality, and life skills development. As with all our programmes, we seek to train and support volunteers in the community to provide most of the support, rather than use professional social workers at the coalface.

We do continue to provide prison visiting teams in some locations in support of the Prison Chaplaincy. And we are re-developing our group restorative justice in-prison programme (formerly Sycamore Tree) and hope to see this launched in 2017.

  • Breakfree Area Co-ordinator
  • Whanau Link Prisoner Interviewer
  • Whanau Link Post Release support
  • Break Free Post Release support
From one of our families
“Without PFNZ we would have been destitute and that would have meant losing our children and having their lives stuffed up……… I am so very thankful and words are not enough to express the difference this has made.” Anon for safety reasons….
Anon, PFNZ