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Providing unconditional loving support to children who have or have had a parent in prison, and those who are charged with caring for them, through volunteers.  Those who care for them equally need our love and support. Somebody has to step up and make a difference in their lives … Is it going to be you?

Our vision is to make a positive, loving and long lasting impact in the lives of families who have or have had a parent in prison. We don’t seek to replicate professional social services but simply to link trained ordinary people in the community with women and children who could use a faithful and supportive friend who knows their way around the community and, as well as having a regular cup of coffee,  can help them access the support they need.  We welcome support or enquiries from any individuals, churches or other community organisations who would like to work with us.

In addition to providing family support volunteers, we provide organised programmes:  Angel Tree Family Care offers year round support to children and carers through access to kids’ camps; ‘Mana Manāki’ – family weekend workshops; Christmas meals; and family events afternoons. Angel Tree Christmas nurtures the precious link between a prisoner and their children by providing nearly 4,000 Christmas Gifts to children every year from their parent in prison.

Network of Volunteers

Clusters of highly trained and motivated volunteers working across the country.

Serving the Church

Serving the local church in any area it is working with prisoners and their families.

Supporting Children

Working alongside children and caregivers to give support wherever needed.

Partnership & Collaboration

Strategic partnerships with other organisations working in this area of expertise.

Volunteering with Angel Tree

Angel Tree helps children begin to heal the pain of being separated, and provides families an important connection with a community that can offer support and love during a time of isolation. We can’t do this alone, but together we can make a difference. Together we can be a “fence at the top of the cliff” for these children – our Angels, providing them with a different path to travel. Whatever your gifting, there is a place for you in this rewarding ministry in your local area. Everything and everyone can make a difference.

  • Angel Tree Christmas Volunteer
  • Family Care Volunteer Support Worker
  • Family Events Volunteer
  • Camp Leader Volunteer
  • Volunteer Driver for families
From one of our families
“Without PFNZ we would have been destitute and that would have meant losing our children and having their lives stuffed up……… I am so very thankful and words are not enough to express the difference this has made.”
Anon, PFNZ