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Angel Tree Christmas

Creating Value by providing unconditional loving support to children who have or have had a parent in prison, and their family, through volunteers. Research indicates that children who maintain a relationship between themselves and their parent inside have an improved emotional response to the incarceration.  This is turn assists them to focus better in school and perform better academically, reduces truancy and improves their general well-being.

How it all works

Every prisoner in the country is given the opportunity to choose to give a Christmas gift to their child(ren).They do this by completing an application form that is available within the prisons.

Regional and Area Coordinators work together to find ‘Partner Groups’ that commit to purchasing a number of gifts all valued at $25, or to wrap and/or deliver gifts locally.

In conjuction with WINZ people needing work experience process the applications and every caregiver receives a phone call to gain their permission for sending the gifts.

Each church partner then receives a package of prepared material so they can display a child’s name and gift details.  Then people within each partner group take an ‘Angel’ tag and go and purchase a gift which they then return unwrapped with the tag attached.

The area coordinator arranges a wrapping day for the area.  It is a fun day where a variety of people can be involved and then the delivery people take the bags of gifts and make delivery.

At the wrapping day each gift will be wrapped and a Christmas card containing a personal message from their parent inside is attached to the gift.

Nearly 4,000 children are supported in this way each year.