During Volunteer Week we would like to appreciate ALL volunteers who have been

involved in all aspects of ?Angel Tree Family Care?



Co-ordinators, purchasers, wrappers, deliverers, camp leaders, family events organisers, support people & other volunteers


Wellington - Sat, 20th June

Palmerston North - Mon, 22nd June

Tauranga - Thur, 25th June

Auckland - Sat, 27th June

South Island venues to be advised


Click here for venue and programme details


The programme for each location is available by clicking above however each programme will include:
  • an inspiring message about NZ's most vulnerable children
  • awards & appreciation for volunteers
  • specialised workshops  designed to up-skill you in your specific role; or
  • workshops to assist your group in reaching out to these precious children. 

If you haven't been involved but are interested you are most welcome!!  Please go to the venue details and then register.



A holistic approach to breaking the cycle of intergenerational crime


The stats may say that children of prisoners are seven times more likely to offend, but that doesn?t have to be the way. PFNZ works with volunteers to bring these statistics down.

It is a highly relational ministry that reaches out to those in society who have often withdrawn because they feel judged and put down. They are paying for crimes they didn't commit.


Angel Tree Family Care offering a variety of services in:

Click here for a list of services

  • Wellington Region
  • South Auckland
  • Tauranga
  • Hamilton
  • Dunedin
  • Invercargill

The rest of the country can start if some wonderful people put their hand up.  PFNZ is there to train and support you all the way.


Angel Tree Christmas Gift Programme is offered nationally




"He waka eke noa" is a Maori proverb meaning "A canoe we are all in with no exception" or "We are all in this together".   PFNZ seeks to work in a non-judgemental way with all who seek our support. 

The illustration depicts a waka on a river; the twin lines representing our BreakFree work with prisoners and our BreakAway initiatives with their children and families.   

The logo retains the bruised reed, maintaining our link with the PF international family.  The reed represents Jesus, recalling Isaiah 42.3  "A bruised reed he will not break, and a smouldering wick he will not snuff out. In faithfulness he will bring forth justice." 

In combination, the two symbols remind us that while society may cast aside those people it deems useless and unworthy, God continues to pursue them with His steadfast love, offering forgiveness and restoration and that we are invited to do the same.



Click here to learn more about Angel Tree and Angel Walk




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